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Drought tolerant crops

ILVO uses drones to spot drought-resistant plants on the field using thermal and other types of imaging.

Research projects

Futureproof DroneXperience

The aim of DroneXperience is to set up 5 training courses within the theme of drones.


ILVO bezit volgende drones gebruikt voor onderzoek: DJI Phantom 4 Pro DJI Matrice 600 Pro Altigator Hydra-12 Het gebruik van deze drones gaat gepaard met volgende sensoren: Sony Alfa 6 (RGB) Sony Alfa...



Sensoren, drones, robots, data en artificiële intelligentie bieden potentieel voor een slimme digitale revolutie in de agrovoedingssector. Biologische processen verbinden met de digitale wereld is één...

News | 08/12/2021

Tracking alternaria with drones

Drones can help potato growers detect alternaria quickly, according to Ruben van de Vijver of Flanders Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (ILVO) during the Belgian potato trade sho...

Met drones alternaria opsporen

News | 16/09/2022

Potatoes as viewed by the drone: the results

...ucted an unusual potato-precision farming trial during the 2022 growing season. Every three days, a drone with a camera took images of the plants (and any weeds). An artificial intelligence (A.I.) ...

Research projects

Monitoring recreational sea fisheries in Belgium

...veys at sea with the research vessel 'Simon Stevin'. We monitor from the air with an airplane or by drone. Based on all this data, we map the evolution of recreational fishing. Transparency is cent...

News | 10/03/2022

5G demo Robovison - Weed Detection case

Weed detection via automatic drones, linked via 5G in real-time to the tractor? This has already been done at ILVO in Belgium.

Weed detection via automatic drones, linked via 5G in real-time to the tractor.


Technology, machine, and stable construction

...nd generally better-informed business decisions. Concretely, ILVO is investigating the potential of drone-based visual technology for crop monitoring, among other things. > Read also wha...


...n werden camera's gemonteerd.. Hiermee wordt data in praktijkomstandigheden gecapteerd. Via een drone, voorzien van een camera worden percelen van betrokken landbouwers in beeld gebracht. Alle data...

A14Agriculture EN

...ject aims to do so by combining artificial intelligence (AI) with RGB and multispectral cameras and drones that map disease and weed levels in crops. This technology will enable the farmer or contr...


... and control using cameras and AI (Artifical intelligence) Can cameras on sprayer booms and drones combined with AI accurately detect and control disease and weed in the field? Find out on this pag...


...>>> Disease and weed detection using cameras and AI Can cameras on sprayer booms and drones combined with AI accurately detect and control disease and weed in the field? Find out in this a...

News | 25/02/2020

Artificial Intelligence for localized spraying

Could artificial intelligence and drones reduce the amount of chemicals being sprayed on our fields? ILVO researchers are using the latest technology to help farmers spray only where it is actually ne...

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Research infrastructure

...nd gases in and around animal housing (CO2, N2O, CH4, NH3)HYDRAS- Rainout shelters, hydrology and drones for stuyding drought stress in plantsPlant-ecofysiological infrastructure, appropriate softw...


Marine production and marine environment is increasingly involved. For mariculture (aquaculture at sea), we are investigating how to use drones and sensors for monitoring, among other things, growth in breeding facilities. Predict...

News | 20/03/2024

Flemish peer surprisingly surrounded by technology

...r> VITO puts precision agriculture and climate-smart water use on the Flemish map VITO combines drone images and satellite data on the one hand with weather data and machine data on online data...

News | 06/09/2023

ILVO shares its potato expertise at Potato Europe 2023 additional costs for crop protection and yield loss. At Potato Europe, ILVO is demonstrating how drones using cameras and artificial intelligence (AI) can effectively help with early disease det...