About the Plant & Soil Living Lab

The Plant & Soil Living Lab responds to the needs and questions of the agrifood and the ornamental sectors. The focus is on the use of sustainable, innovative approaches and technologies to optimize the efficiency of production systems while also reducing the environmental impact.

The core tasks of the Plant & Soil Living Lab are:

  • Knowledge dissemination: Co-creation of knowledge and targeted knowledge dissemination, tailored to the end-user
  • Research partner: Partner is research projects from individual farms or companies, or in consortiums within the agrifood sector and the ornamental sector
  • Platform for open innovation: Facilitation of collaboration between actors from the agrifood and ornamental sectors to utilize the "tacit knowledge" present in all parties for effective innovation

To achieve these core tasks, the Plant & Soil Living Lab uses the extensive infrastructure and multi-disciplinary expertise at ILVO. Find out more about our expertise in this movie or check our Center of Expertise.

The Plant & Soil Living lab is supported by two fully accredited laboratories: Lab analyses for plants, soil and substrate and the Diagnostic Centre for Plants.

Partnering with us

Do you have a question, an idea or interest in working with the Plant & Soil Living Lab? Contact us right away. We guarantee the confidentiality of all your questions.

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