Crops and cultivation systems

Optimizing your cultivation through cultivation technique, crop rotation, crop- and variety choice can lead to increased profitability.


You can call on our expertise about these and other themes:

  • Plant production from field to fork
  • Variety research with a focus on yield, disease resistance, and quality
  • Cultivation technique: fertilization, sowing technique, crop protection (management of weeds, diseases, and pests), use of biostimulants and biocontrol agents, harvest technology
  • Agroforestry
  • Organic and agroecological cultivation systems
  • Seed processing
  • Exploring new crops
  • Trial field management


Our modern infrastructure is at your disposal:

  • > 200 ha trial fields, including +/- ha organically managed
  • 50 ha organic trial fields within an agroecological trial platform
  • Trial fields with rain-out shelters for research on drought tolerance in plants
  • > 15,000 m2 experimental greenhouses with separate sections especially for experiments with quarantine organisms
  • Up-to-date farm machinery for trial fieldwork (seeding, mechanical weeding, harvest equipment)
  • Seed Pilot for post-harvest seed processing including a food-grade line
  • Drones for plant monitoring in the field
  • Lab for Seed Dissection to determine germination capacity, thousand seed weight, and health
  • Labs equipped for quality determination of plant-based products from field to fork


  • Our BELAC-accredited lab for plant, soil and substrate performs physico-chemical analyses on plant material, mineral soils, potting soil and soil improvers. Contact the lab directly for more information.
  • For seed analysis (germination capacity, thousand seed weight, and health) you can contact the seed dissection lab.
  • ILVO also has an analysis platform, meet@all, for the detailed characterization of biomass in terms of its bio-active components.
  • To analyze other quality parameters (digestibility, inulin content, saponin content, color, functional parameters, etc.) you can contact us.

Partnering with us

Do you have a question, an idea or interest in working with the Plant & Soil Living Lab? Contact us right away. We guarantee the confidentiality of all your questions.